Video projects

Crazy about audio/video editing, I have always had a period, every year, when I feel the need to achieve an artistic (musical) video montage, an idea born in the middle of the night, and which keep me from sleeping again the next days until it’s finished.

Here are some highlights from endless nights on the computer.

La minute du Chef, a Mahler symphonies guide

As part of the full Mahler cycle that I conducted in 2019 with Orchestre National de Lille (in chronological order), I edited, for the audience, a presentation of each symphony.

PS: from Mahler 4th presentation and the next symphonies, cartoon animations are invading more and more the videos…

Mais que se passe-t-il dans la tête du chef d’orchestre?

Getting bored during the first lockdown in March 2020, I edited a pedagogical video, non forgetting humor sense, to illustrate what is happening in the conductor’s mind while conducting Mahler 7th symphony.

Pierrot et Colombine

A musical tale for children created during lock down April 2020 with Julien Joubert.

PS: The 6th episode has the more fireworks in term of animation. In general, as I was discovering video animation while doing every week a new episode, the animation gets better throughout the different videos.

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