The geek Maestro

A Maestro

Maestro is Music Director of Orchestre National de Lille. 
Recent and forthcoming highlights include a debut to Bayerische Staatsoper, a return to the USA and his debut with Utah Symphony, concerts with Orchestre National de France, a residency at the Salzburg Festival with Orchestre National de Lille, and performances alongside internationally acclaimed soloists such as Frank-Peter Zimmermann, Pierre-Laurent Aimard, Patricia Kopacinskaja, Mischa Maisky, Sharon Kahn, Nemanja Radulovic, Veronika Eberle, Veronique Gens and Victor Julien-Laferrière.
Maestro stepped down as Principal Guest Conductor of Düsseldorfer Symphoniker having held the position for 6 years.

A Geek

Living within his time, the Geek has always been fascinating by technology as a way to help creating or sharing artistic projects.

FromAudio/video editing to 3D modeling and animation through developing websites, Javascript or excel apps, each new technology has been a new adventure to discover, and to use it in an artistic purpose.



Every technologic developments, softwares, websites, has always had the artistic goal as first motivation. Nothing should be just a gadget. This has been the rule since my teenage time, and still remain the same.

Open source

By contacting me, I will be happy to give you free access to the source codes or technical aspects of projects that you are interested in, in order for you to go further into developing those ideas and maybe shape it for your own purpose.


As artist, my goal is to provide and share art, culture, music to the most people around me. Hence developing new formats of artistic projects and this website as a vitrine of my non-academic artist side.