Microtone Javascript App

After conducting at Festival Présence (Radio France), works from Tristan Murail and other spectral composer, I had to prepare for conducting “Thomas”, a Georg Friedrich Haas’ Opera at the Bayerish Stadt Oper. An other composer touching the spectral aspect of the sound! I started to feel the need to get assisted to hear well the microtone…

Here is an App to here 1/4 tone, 1/6 tone, for every note, every octave (audible), in 4 different diapason. Also, it does recreate the natural spectral for any fondamental note you want. You can create a melody or chord in microtone too.


Piano Microtonal

Following the App just above, I decided to create a piano where you can customize the microtonality, the diapason and being able to switch in between different systems easily by having 2 or more keyboards.

Orchestral Audition Excel Apps

Becoming Music Director of Orchestre National de Lille in 2016, made me discover the secret and mysterious world of orchestral auditions, especially the other side of the curtain.

One of my forever goal has always been the equity for each candidate. Judging that it was important for me to show respect to all those candidates who were preparing for couple months already this important day.

Hence, I created (with the help of Alamaz, a VBA and R programatic specialist) a triptych of Excel App.

These are only apps useful for the organization of those audition.

  1. An Excel App to go easily and instantly from a list applied candidates, creating the list of candidates who actually showed up by alphabetical order, then, a one time button click to random the last list, and even print it button.
  2. An Excel App to generate quite precisely the length of an audition day, giving the length of the excerpts, and allowing the organisation to reduce the amount of excerpts if necessary (instead of doing it in midday when seeing the clock running). This calcul is customizable in many ways (length of break, time for entry/exit/changing instruments etc…)
  3. An Excel App to use the best (in my opinion) voting system: Majority Jugement, to select the candidates throughout the rounds. With customization possible (different groupes, weighting, different votes including the group of the instrument in audition, the whole orchestre or a smaller group etc…)