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Scene 9, Thomas Haas

1st voice // 2nd voice


Notes: this program uses 3 differents audio files. If you hear more than one metronome click (quarter = 60) per beat, it means the audio didn’t load properly. It usually works better in Google Chrome, and try also to refresh this page. Have a good work!

Scene 5, Thomas Haas

From 421 (1st beat) till 425

From 485 till 489

From 546 (3rd beat) till 557

Most of the scene 5 is based on Natural Harmonics

Here are some practise tools.

Select a fondamental note (ton)


Click bellow to listen to the harmonics (1st being the fundamentale)

1st, choose the lenght for the harmonic notes you want to hear

natural harmonic scale
natural harmonic scale 2
natural harmonic scale 3